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Liquid floor screed is a brilliant development in screed installations for new flooring within a newly built or refurbished building, for both domesticated usage as well as commercial usage. We will be able to fit your room or rooms with our liquid screed and have it set long before the traditional method of concrete with sharp sand screed whilst still offering many advantages and differences that could prove to be important key factors to your choice of screed.

Liquid floor screed is an alternative to the traditional concrete, sharp sand mixture. It helps to provide a smooth and even surface before the addition of any floor finishes. It can either be used with or without underfloor heating and can be un-bonded, bonded or floated.

Why Choose Flowing Screed?

Due to the nature of liquid floor screed, it’s a much more work friendly material. Easy to pour, we will be able to get the solution into an area that will quickly fill out into the needed section without requiring large amounts of physical labour to shift manually place of shift. The process also requires less labour related equipment like wheelbarrows.

Lack of wheelbarrows will mean that there will be less equipment’s or objects that could ruin the finished work once we leave. Less labour intensive, we will also be able to quickly fit the liquid screed within a short amount of time, allowing for the drying stage to begin earlier to lead to a finished screed quicker allowing you to continue faster compared to a more traditional screed method.

Traditional screed would also require manual work to level for a flat finish within a degree of tolerance meaning that the finished product will not be perfectly flat, but still reasonable. Liquid flooring screed also shares this trait that once fitted, it will not be perfectly flat. But, where as traditional screed will usually have a tolerance of 10mm, liquid floor screen will have aa much smaller tolerance due to its naturally fluid form, causing the solution to settle at a much more uniform level without intervention, resulting in a closer to perfect flat finish.

The Advantages of Liquid Screeds

Once fitted, the solution also offers another advantage that will beat traditional screed methods, its shrinkage. Loose, there are less factors causing oxygen to be gather and be stored within when it is being poured. Thus, any oxygen captured within will be lower in volume compared to other screed methods which would contain amounts of sand within the thick cements capturing large amounts of oxygen.

When both these screed methods relax, oxygen within rises through the solutions and are released. Due to the small amount of oxygen within, the liquid flooring screed has minimal shrinkage when settling is finished while a more traditional solution would shrink by a fair amount due to all the air propping up the solution due to its contents and viciousness.

Additionally, the liquid flooring is able to release any trapped air without the need of human intervention because of its self-compacting and self-curing ability whilst the traditional screeds would require human interactivity to reach the next stage, the drying process. Minimal cracking and no curling is another advantage that our liquid flooring presents, its drying process is very risk free compared to the traditional screed methods that carry the risks during its drying phase.

Easy Application

With Liquid Screed it is designed to give you a smooth and even surface, before adding any additional floor finishes. It has become a popular product for homeowners, due to its quick drying properties and easy application. Liquid Screed can be simply pumped out from a concrete pump, without the need for huge preparation. The only small preparation which will be needed is to ensure that the floor is dried and ensure that any cracks or holes are filled in.

Less Time to Install

As Liquid Screed can be applied through a concrete pump, it is possible to cover a large area of flooring rather than using a smaller pump which would take a longer time. When it comes to standard concrete flooring, the preparation time is lengthy. With flowing screeds, over 2000sqm of this can be applied per day, whereas the standard concrete, which can only have 200sqm applied per day.

Improved Underground Heating Performance

A huge advantage of our liquid screed, is its ability to increase the efficiency of the underfloor piping, it helps to keep the floor at the right temperature and withhold it there. Liquid floor screed has a high amount of thermal conductivity, this means that it will allow heat to be applied to the flooring much quicker. The deeper the screed is, the better the overall conductivity of the material will be. This saving you money when it comes to your energy bills, as your rooms flooring will be heated evenly.

Reduced Labour Costs

Because of the methods of how liquid screed is applied, it requires less manpower to get it fully installed. As we have the correct equipment and our liquid screed installation is efficient, we can apply 100sqm in just under 45 minutes.


If you are looking for eco-friendly option for you flooring, then considering flowing screeds is a great idea. Liquid Screed Flooring is rapidly becoming the next generation of green flooring as it is made up of recycled materials, helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Decreased Drying Time

If you are looking for a quick turnaround time when it comes to your building project, then liquid screed is the perfect material for you. It is a fast drying material, which means that with a quick application and dry time it is one of the quickest, not to mention easiest materials when it comes to flooring. Liquid Screed can be deemed useable after 24 hours and floor finishes can be applied within 5-7 days.

Liquid screed is the newest product which helps to provide better results than other traditional flooring methods. As it has increased strength and durability, it can be used to greater depths which means that less materials are used when using this method, helping to keep costs low.

Because of the high demand of the liquid screed product, the main reason being for its thermal conductivity making it the perfect material to work with underfloor heating, also it helps to reduce energy bills and the overall carbon footprint of a project.