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Due to popular demand, London Flow Screed are pleased to offer polished concrete / concrete polishing service. Polished concrete flooring is the perfect solution for modern living spaces, having many advantages over other, more traditional flooring choices. Low maintenance, hard wearing and cost effective – polished concrete gives an appearance of stone, granite or even marble at a fraction of the price. Polished concrete isn’t only cost effective in of itself, it is also extremely energy efficient when used with underfloor heating thanks to its excellent heat conductivity. Whether you would like existing concrete floors to be polished or new polished concrete installed we can do it all.

Polished Concrete Flooring London

Due to it’s unique finish it is fast becoming the most aesthetically desired flooring solution in addition to its low maintenance and high durability.

  • We can polish the majority of concrete hard floors subject to survey.best prices polished concrete
  • Concrete polished to a variety of sheen levels.
  • Optional stain protection.
  • Low maintenance.

Not only can we install a concrete floor screed for you with polishing but we can also polish existing floors. All our liquid flow screeds are underfloor heating compatible and can be installed directly onsite. Take a look at our liquid floor screed service.

4 Reasons to Choose Our Polished Concrete

  1. Innovative Design, choice of finishes such as salt & pepper, non slip, matt finish, mid sheen, high gloss.
  2. Durability, expect polished concrete flooring to last well throughout someones lifetime.
  3. Value for Money, believe it or not polished concrete can actually work out cheaper than tiling per square meter. We will NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE.
  4. Underfloor Heating compatible, our polished concrete is complementary to all under floor heating options.

Where can polished concrete be used?

Creating a seamless link between the different rooms and halls of your home, and even from exterior to interior. Whether in a residential or commercial setting, polished concrete flooring will hold up extremely well under heavy foot traffic. People often find that they also use less electrical lighting in spaces where polished concrete flooring has been used, due to its highly reflective nature.

It is these properties that make it ideal flooring for much more than ‘just’ residential properties – stores, warehouses and office buildings also make use of polished concrete for these very reasons. Being as hard wearing as it is, we can even do polished concrete patios.

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