Choose Cemfloor screed if you need very fast drying and is over underfloor heating

Cemfloor Screed is a cement-based high performance flowing screed that can be walked on in 24 hours time, making it one of the fastest drying screeds on the market. Minimal drying shrinkage (<0.05%). It is made up of sand, cement, water, super plasticiser & Cemfloor binder. Can be poured over thermal and acoustic insulation.

The self-compacting properties of Cemfloor encapsulate pipework ensure maximum thermal conductivity.  Cemfloor screeds should be a minimum of 35mm thick for domestic applications and for commercial applications 40mm thick. It is also compatible with cement based tile adhesives

Underfloor floor heating can be turned on after 7 days, starting with a low temperature and following manufacture guidelines.

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