Choose Anhydrite Screed if you want to cover very large areas and cheaper than most other screeds.

Anhydrite Screed also known as Gypsum is a type of floor screeding product that looks very similar finish to sand and cement screeds often though it is lighter and can almost look white.

The main advantage of this type of screed is that it covers big areas even up to 1500m2 of Anhydrite screed can be installed within one day. Traditionally it is also
cheaper than most other screed types with very minimal shrinkage.

Anhydrite Screed is sensitive to moisture. So the only real disadvantage is you should use in bathrooms / wet rooms etc as doesn’t like moisture.

You can provide foot traffic after 24-48 hours, Anhydrite Screed can take heavy loading after 7 days and it is underfloor heating compatible. 35mm depth on unbonded insulated floors, and 15mm on bonded.

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